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Welcome to the Banda’s Blues Apache Country website. Here we thrive to keep the quality and tradition in our linage and breeds. We are a family owned breeding program. Specializing in the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Bully. Our foundation bloodlines consist of Knowlwood, Gaff, Tuff Town and others. Incorporating bloodlines from Remyline, Savage, Razors Edge and others to create the ultimate companion bully. Without compromising health, temperament, and mobility, our dogs carry a signature look that resemble our Foundation stud The Legend Apache. From structure to temperament we can produce the right pup for you and your family. Bringing over 20 years experience to the table, we thrive to continue to uphold the standards of each individual breed putting quality and tradition over all. Producer of UKC APBT Grand Champions and ABKC Champions in the Standard, Classic and XL categories. Located in sunny Central California.


No dogs or pups will be sold for any illegal purpose!

The Legend Apache

The foundation of our linage and program. From breed type to temperament Apache was a true ambassader of the bully breed. Rest well boy.  

Banda's Blues, Bully Girl Magazine feature!

We are very excited to be featured in the most up to date bully magazine BULLY GIRL MAGAZINE! Posted 08/01/2020.